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Raylicious has been voted one of the best up and coming brand.



We provide a high quality product that will satisfy your customers. Try us!



Raylicious as a family owned and operated business, we makes it a priority to provide great customer service.

High Quality Products at the Best Prices

Since 2001 Ray’s Snacks Inc. Has been serving America with a line of top Quality Snacks.

Cakes, Cookies, Danish, Donuts, Muffins, Cinnamon Buns, Nuts, Candies, Chips, Meat snacks and alot more.

About Us

Ray’s snacks owns and has exclusive use of the brand”RAYLICIOUS.”
As a family owned business we dedicate to put together
a selection of the best snacks available and follow up a good distribution of them.

  • Made with love and care

    Ray’s products are handpicked by the owner for their quality and freshness, tested and verified.

  • Quality Products

    it is very important to deliver a product that people will like and want to eat again, Quality is paramount.

  • 👥

    Products that people like

    Our search for a quality product has taken us all over the world, and now you can have these products and be sure that great care was taken in choosing every ingredient.

  • Fast delivery

    Our commitment to you is no less we promise to give you great customer care.

What others say about us


I am very satisfied with¬† Ray’s snacks, and will be doing business with them for a long time.

Jaimie CEO
Anna Vandana

I have been selling Rays products for a while and people love them, the quality is very good.

Anna VandanaCEO
Maxi Milli

Raylicious products are great in themselves, i like their customer service.

Maxi MilliCEO
Dr. Dosist

I believe that this products are among the best in the market

Dr. DosistCEO

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